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Biophysical Society Annual Meeting

Feb 11 – 15 Ernest Morial Convention Center, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA Booth 431

Visit Nikon at the Biophysical Society Meeting, Booth 431

Each year, the Biophysical Society Annual Meeting brings together over 7,000 scientists, and is the largest gathering of biophysicists around the world. Over 4,000 abstracts are submitted each year, which are programmed into poster and platform sessions.

Located at the Ernest Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, the 2017 Meeting begins on Saturday, February 11 (the first day for exhibits is on Sunday, February 12). We invite you to stop by booth 431 to see Nikon's latest microscope and digital imaging systems.

Featured Products

  • New Eclipse Ti2 Series Inverted Microscope


    Nikon’s newest and most advanced inverted microscope offering unprecedented FOV imaging capacity.

    • Accelerate your research with ultra-wide 25mm FOV
    • Accessible back-aperture for TIRF laser alignment
    • Perfect-Step Z-drive for precision stacking
    • Super-stable platform for nanoscale imaging
    • 4th Generation Perfect Focus System (PFS)
    • Intelligent Features and Assist Guide for Guided Workflow
    • Automatic Correction Collar for Perfect PSFs
  • N-STORM Single Molecule Super-Resolution System

    clipse Ti2-E Inverted Microscope

    With Nikon’s all-new Eclipse Ti2 inverted microscope, achieve faster acquisition speeds to capture dynamic events with nanoscale resolution.

    • 10-fold improvement in resolution in XY and Z
    • Z-stacking with super resolution for super resolution volumes
    • Improved acquisition speeds for live cell imaging
    • Improved localization algorithms
    • Auto correction collar for achieving perfect point spread functions
    • Fully automated TIRF illuminator for easy beam alignment
  • A1R+ Confocal System with Enhanced Resolution


    Confocal system with high-speed resonant scanner for capturing dynamic events, GaAsP detectors for enhanced sensitivity, and new ER module for enhanced confocal resolution.

    • High-speed resonant scanner for capturing dynamic events
    • GaAsP detectors for enhanced sensitivity
    • ER module to enhance confocal resolution
  • Flexible Illuminators and Laser Combiner for Multimodal Imaging

    • LUNV:  Permanently aligned, solid-state laser combiner. Choose from 8 different lasers and 5 output fibers for true multimodal imaging.

    • LAPP:  Modular illuminators to flexibly combine multi-angle TIRF, FRAP, and Optogenetics with Super-Resolution, Confocal and Multiphoton.

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