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ASCB | EMBO 2017

Dec 2 – 6 Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, PA, USA Booth 401

Visit Nikon at the ASCB | EMBO Annual Meeting, Booth 401

As the premier international meeting in the field of cell biology, the ASCB Annual Meeting is intended for scientists and students in academia, industry, government, and higher education. The meeting will include an extensive schedule of lectures, symposia, workshops, and exhibits.

Located at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, the 2017 Meeting begins on Saturday, December 2 (the first day for exhibits is on Sunday, December 3). At the meeting, Nikon will showcase the new Ti2 microscope series along with latest developments in confocal, multiphoton, high-content and superresolution technologies. Highlights will include the live cell HC system, high-resolution 1K resonant scanner for confocal and MP, N-STORM 5.0 for flexible superresolution imaging, modular photostimulation options, and new objective lenses to help you image with greater clarity.

Featured Products

  • Faster, Deeper, Clearer Confocal and Multiphoton Imaging

    • High speed AND high-resolution imaging with HD 1K resonant scanner
    • New objectives for deep imaging of cleared tissues 
    • Simple, fast, easy spectral tuning with DUVB
    • Enhanced resolution mode for sharper images
    • Integrated Lifetime Imaging options
  • Enhanced Super-Resolution Imaging with N-STORM 5.0

    • Powerful molecule data visualization and analysis tools
    • Fully customizable illumination sequence capability
    • Z-stacking and silicone objective lens for thicker samples
  • Expanded FOV with N-SIM Structured Illumination Super-Resolution

    • 4x larger field of view than traditional SIM
    • Correlative imaging with Confocal
  • Live-Cell High Content Imaging and Analysis

    • Fully incubated HC imaging platform from sample storage to image acquisition
    • Combine with spinning disk confocal for optical sectioning capability
    • Intelligent acquisition, analysis, and data-sharing with NIS-Elements
  • Ti2 Inverted Microscope for Large FOV Imaging

    • Ultra-wide 25mm FOV
    • 4th Generation PFS for Perfect Auto-Focusing
    • Super-stable platform and Z-drive for single-molecule imaging
    • Automatic Correction Collar for perfect point spread functions
    • Accessible back-aperture for laser alignment
  • Flexible LAPP Illuminators for Multimodal Imaging

    • Modular illuminators to flexibly combine multi-angle TIRF, FRAP, and Optogenetics with super-resolution, confocal and multi-photon

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