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FOM 2017

Apr 9 – 12 Palais des congrès, Bordeaux, France Booth 4/5/6/7

Visit Nikon at FOM, Booth 4/5/6/7 and Lecture Room H1/H2

Focus on Microscopy 2017 conference will take place in Bordeaux, France from Sunday April 9 to Wednesday April 12, 2017. It will be the next in a series of unique interdisciplinary meetings on advanced multi-dimensional light microscopy and image processing

Nikon Instruments are proud to present the Ti2, the all-new inverted microscope platform for advanced imaging

See more than before! 

During the meeting, Nikon will present the following workshops in Lecture Room H1/H2:

  • Fast imaging with Ti2 - take full advantage of the unprecedented 25 mm FOV!
  • Seamless acquisition - reach one step further by combining confocal and SIM imaging
  • Enhance your confocal performance - adding spectral flexibility and high-resolution imaging

To register for these workshops or any future Nikon event, please contact us at

Nikon Welcomes you!


Featured Products

  • New Eclipse Ti2 Series Inverted Microscope


    Nikon’s newest and most advanced inverted microscope offering unprecedented FOV imaging capacity.

    • Accelerate your research with ultra-wide 25mm FOV
    • Accessible back-aperture for TIRF laser alignment
    • Perfect-Step Z-drive for precision stacking
    • Super-stable platform for nanoscale imaging
    • 4th Generation Perfect Focus System (PFS)
    • Intelligent Features and Assist Guide for Guided Workflow
    • Automatic Correction Collar for Perfect PSFs
  • A1R+ Confocal System with Enhanced Resolution


    Confocal system with high-speed resonant scanner for capturing dynamic events, GaAsP detectors for enhanced sensitivity, and new ER module for enhanced confocal resolution.

    • High-speed resonant scanner for capturing dynamic events
    • GaAsP detectors for enhanced sensitivity
    • ER module to enhance confocal resolution
  • C2+ Confocal Microscope System

    C2+ Confocal Microscope System

    Built on a reputation of incredible stability coupled with superior optical technologies, the C2+ with its host of functions and various analytical capabilities is the perfect basic confocal catering for multiple applications

    • Smallest scan head footprint on the market with very efficient lightpath layout
    • High precision mirrors and optically ideal circular pinholes
    • Combinable with new DUVB detector for high sensitivity spectral detection
  • N-SIM E Super-Resolution Microscope System

    N-SIM E Super-Resolution Microscope System

    Utilizing 3D structured illumination microscopy (3D-SIM) technology, the new N-SIM E realizes double the spatial resolution of conventional optical microscopes to approximately 115 nm of lateral resolution and 280 nm of axial resolution. N-SIM E is a streamlined, easy-to-use super-resolution system.

    • Dedicated optical elements for 3D-SIM imaging
    • All-new user interface for intuitive super-resolution image reconstruction
    • Ideal for live cell imaging at 1 fps frame rate
  • DUVB GaAsP Detector Unit

    DUVB GaAsP Detector Unit

    With a GaAsP PMT, the DUVB tunable emission detector delivers flexible detection with higher sensitivity. This novel spectral detection unit is available for both A1 and C2 confocal systems.

    • Choose your spectral detection mode according to your needs: acquire full spectral images in continuous bandpass mode with 10 nm bandwidth resolution, or setup virtual bandpasses that fit best your fluorophore’s emission
    • Add a second GaAsP detector for even more flexibility
    • Benefit from our advanced spectral unmixing algortihms

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