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Exposure Science Film Hackathon

Dec 1 – 3 University of Lausanne, Switzerland

Dec 1–3  University of Lausanne, Switzerland
Dec 6  Cinema Pully – Public showing

Exposure Science Film Hackathon is an event that brings together scientists and artists from around Europe for 3 days of intense idea and skill sharing, storytelling and filmmaking. Teams are made up of 4 participants from various scientific and artistic backgrounds. They have 3 days to create a short film communicating a scientific concept from the storyboarding to the final editing, everything in just 3 days. The teams are supported by an expert team of mentors with outstanding science communication, artistic and scientific backgrounds. The mentors will give talks on creating films, storytelling, visualizing science and help the participants to apply these skills in practice.

Event objectives

  • give young scientists the skills they need to communicate their own science
  • enable scientists to share ideas and skills with academics from different disciplines and levels
  • create films that communicate science to the general public in a succinct and creative way


Exposure Science Film Hackathon 2016

The first Exposure Science Film Hackathon took place last year (2-4th of December, 2016). The result of E2016 was 9 diverse and innovative films produced by 36 participants that covered climate science, stomach biota, emergent properties and many others. The films were shown in Cinema Pully to 182 spectators and can be seen on Exposure website:




Why Nikon GmbH Swiss Branch Office - Microscope Solutions supports this event?

  • Support of excellent communication of science: Nikon has strong ties to scientific research and this event is backed up by scientists with a strong publication record and organizations (The Catalyst and BSNL) that have been communicating science for years.
  • Support of science and its importance: current climate of distrust of science means that event like Exposure plays an important role in engaging the public with science.
  • Exclusive partnership: Nikon is the only industrial partner of Exposure 2017. We hope to create a partnership that can grow with the organization.
  • Our values align: these include creating things in a professional, creative and honest way.

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