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ELMI 2018

Jun 5 – 8 University College Dublin, Ireland Booth 20

Nikon - bringing imaging to life @ ELMI 2018

Visit Nikon at ELMI, Booth 20 or join a demonstration and discover more imaging possibilities

Live cell imaging plays a crucial role in the future of life sciences research, bringing a new understanding of disease. During the 18th international European Light microscopy initiative meeting (ELMI), Nikon will showcase the latest innovation in confocal systems that enable high resolution imaging of live samples.

Nikon will hold a series of workshops to present the new A1R HD Confocal, Nikon’s latest generation A1R Laser Scanning System, and Nikon’s spinning disk CSU-W1-based system, which includes the innovative features of the Ti2 inverted microscope and the well-established power of the Nikon Software (NIS-Elements).

Nikon will also take this opportunity to launch the LIPSI, our new platform for live-cell high content screening, developed in collaboration with LIS and Prior. LIPSI enables you to easily acquire images of multiple well-plates over long periods by keeping your cells under stable environmental conditions while being imaged, incubated or transferred between the microscope and the incubator.

Visit us at our booth (#20) or register for one of our workshops and discover more imaging possibilities

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