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Jun 13 – 13 Musée d'arts, Nantes, France

Nikon are pleased to announce their participation in the First International CENN Biennale dedicated to Advanced Microscopy

We are glad to announce the First International CENN Biennale dedicated to Advanced Microscopy, which will be held in Nantes (France) on 13thJune 2018.

Such scientific event, focused on Super-Resolution Microscopy for biology, will be organized by the Center of Excellence Nikon Nantes (CENN), a unique collaboration between Nikon, MicroPICell platform from UMS3556 INSERM CNRS University of Nantes and APEX platform from UMR703 PAnTher INRA Oniris. This opportunity will bring together renown experts in SIM/PALM/STORM techniques.

Registration to the Biennale is free but mandatory, with a maximum number of 
participants up to 150.


08:45-9:15       Welcome coffee                                   
09:15-09:30   Introduction
09:30-10:15   Johan Hofkens, KU Leuven, BE
10:15-11:00   Rainer Heintzmann, Jena University, DE
11:00- 11:20   Coffee break
11:20-12:05   Stephan Balint, Oxford University, UK
"How localization controls biology"
12:05-12:50   Marylène Mougel, Institut de recherche en Infectiologie, Montpellier, FR
"Deciphering the dimerization event of the RNA genome of HIV-1
by using 3D-SIM"
12:50-14:00   Lunch (buffet)
14:00-14:45   James Zheng, Emory University, US
"Nanoscale Organization of Acetylcholine Receptors for Trans-Synaptic
Alignment at Neuromuscular Synapses"
14:45-15:30   Anne Beghin, Neurosciences Institut, Bordeaux, FR
"When High content screening meets super resolution microscopy"
15:30-16:15   Christophe Leterrier, Marseille University, FR
"The nanoscale architecture of the axon"
16:15-16:30   Coffee break
from 16:30   Visit of the Art Museum

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