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N-STORM Super Resolution Microscope System

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Upcoming Events

Nov 26–27 LEAD BiCel, Lille, France
Nov 26 Cologne Graduate School of Ageing Research Symposium
Dec 2–5 1st NIC@IIT Practical Workshop - Microscopy 2.0 Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Via Morego 30 - Genova - ITALY
Dec 25 2nd Biological Advent“ des Studentenlabors "Faszination Umwelt" Aaachen
Feb 25 Infection and Immunity Imaging Florence, ITALY - “Nuovo Ingresso Careggi” Largo Brambilla, 3
Mar 18–21 11. Neurobiologen Tagung Göttingen
Mar 24–27 Zellbiologen Tagung DGZ 2015 Köln, Germany
Jul 18–22 EBSA 2015 Dresden, Germany

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