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Nikon announces the launch of three new Stereomicroscopes

Three New SMZs

SMZ1270, a stereomicroscope with the largest zoom ratio in its class
SMZ1270i, a version of SMZ1270 with intelligent features
SMZ800N with enhanced optics and operability

Redesigned optics and advanced features, providing incredible optical performance and enhanced operability.

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2013 Nikon Small World Competition Winners Announced

Small World Winners

Nikon is pleased to announce the winners of the 2013 Small World Photomicrography Competition, with this year’s top honors going to longtime competitor Wim van Egmond of The Netherlands for his image Chaetoceros debilis (marine diatom).

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Nikon & University of Amsterdam partner to open Centre of Excellence

Centre of Excellence

Nikon Instruments has partnered with University of Amsterdam to open a new Center of Excellence in Super Resolution microscopy development.  Opening 23rd October, the Center of Excellence is a state-of-the-art facility, enabling research across a broad range of disciplines. It will house Nikon’s latest Super Resolution systems including N-SIM, N-STORM, A1R and C2 Confocal and Spinning Disk Confocal.

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Nikon Instruments Europe team up with Ton Kapper

TK-53 agreement

Nikon Instruments Europe BV has signed an agreement with TK-53 to supply microscopy and digital imaging equipment to the biological market in the Netherlands. TK-53 will have the rights to supply and support Nikon microscopes, digital cameras and software to customers in universities, hospitals, government, biotech, pharmaceutical and food industry in the Netherlands

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