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Nikon’s latest evolution in stereomicroscopy

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Upcoming Events

Oct 22–25 Congresso Annuale di Anatomia Patologica SIAPEC-IAP 2014 Palazzo degli Affari, IRENZE - ITALY
Oct 23–24 Imaging the Immune System San Raffaele Conference Centre, Via Olgettina 58 - MILANO - ITALY
Oct 24 Jülich Biotech Day Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany
Nov 6–7 Industrieausstellung "Hot Topics in Intracellular Communication" Köln, Germany
Nov 17–21 Carrefour Pathology Paris La défense - CNIT, France
Nov 20 Corso teorico pratico di Microscopia in Fluorescenza Nikon Instruments S.p.A. Via San Quirico 300 - Campi Bisenzio (FI) - ITALY
Nov 26–27 LEAD BiCel, Lille, France
Nov 26 Cologne Graduate School of Ageing Research Symposium

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