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Nikon Instruments / Resource Center / In the News / Early events in Alzheimer’s

In the News

Early events in Alzheimer’s

February 28, 2012

Researchers have now found that mitochondria in the brain are dysfunctional early on in Alzheimer's disease (AD), even before memory loss.  Mutation-specific alterations in mitochondrial dynamics, morphology and function in FAD mice have been shown to occur prior to the onset of memory and neurological phenotype and before the formation of amyloid deposits. Additionally, application of metabolomic profiling allowed identifying metabolites and metabolic pathways that were affected in all three FAD mouse models. Metabolic biomarkers reflected gender differences similar to that reported for AD patients and correlated well with the biomarkers currently used for diagnosis in humans. The researchers hope that the panel of metabolomic biomarkers they discovered can eventually be used for early diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of Alzheimer's progressio.

Full Article: PLoS ONE