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Graticule selection guide

 Things to consider when requiring a graticule:

  1. Type of eyepiece?
  2.  What pattern ie cross-hair, scale bar, Walton & Beckett?
  3.  Is it a stage graticule or eyepiece graticule that is required?


Bulb Selector

 Choose the bulb required for your instrument using the selector guide.

Make sure the following factors are known:

  1. What type (Tungsten, Halogen, Mercury, Xenon, Halide)
  2. What voltage and wattage
  3. Shape or style
  4. Instrument type


Eyepiece guard replacement guide

Choose the eyepiece required from the selector below

  1. Type of eyepiece?
  2.  What material


Biological instruments evolution guide

  1. What model instrument do you have?
  2. Is it the latest model?
  3. What has my model been replaced with?

Click below to view the biological instruments evolution guide

Fluorescence Filter Blocks

Things to consider when requiring a Filter Block:

  1. Which microscope model is it for?
  2. What Fluorochromes are you using?
  3. Do you need single, double or triple band?

To match fluorescent probes with Nikon fluorescence filter blocks there is an interactive tutorial that enables visitors to determine optimum choices among current Nikon fluorescence filter blocks for maximizing the efficiency of excitation and emission with specific fluorescent probes.

Click here for the interactive tutorial for selecting the appropriate filter block

Click here for an overiew of how a filter block works

Objective Selector

Find the objective you require using our selector. Simply narrow your search by selecting from one or more of the categories listed until the perfect match is found.

Click on the image below to enter the objective selector

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