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Welcome to the Nikon Instruments Online Store. Here is where you will find clearance items for selected microscope and digital imaging products (United States customers only). Please select a category to view the products currently being offered. You will be directed to Nikon’s ebay store, where you can purchase your item and arrange shipping.

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Nikon Microscope Camera DXM1200-C (cooled to -20°C ambient)

A C-mount threaded digital camera compatible with Windows XP 32bit operating systems. 12.6 megapixels via inter-pixel stepping of piezoelectric motors. Native resolution 1.4 megapixel color sensor. 1372x1024 pixels in native mode and 4116x3072 pixels in fine mode. Native pixel size is 6.4um. Includes Act1 Capture software for basic acquisition, white balancing, cropping. PCI-bus card and cable included for PC connection.

Price: $2,000

Nikon Microscope Camera DXM1200-C


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