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Eclipse Ti Series Inverted Microscope


Nikon's inverted microscope series positioned at the center of the most advanced bioscience imaging protocols.

Scientists have overcome many live cell imaging challenges using advanced techniques such as TIRF, confocal, FRET, photoactivation and microinjection. At the center of it all is the Eclipse Ti, a powerful inverted microscope system that provides instant access to all of these techniques plus revolutionary Nikon CFI60 optics. Available in three models, the Eclipse microscope Ti series offers improved system speed, increased flexibility and efficient multi-mode microscopy as part of a fully-integrated microscope system that is ideal for high-end research and live cell imaging.

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Categories: Inverted Microscopes

Applications: Marine Biology, Molecular Pathology, Target Identification, Forensic Science, Cell Culture and Maintenance, Neurobiology, Regenerative Studies, Veterinary, Cell Culture, Cell Signaling, Embryology/IVF, ADME Tox, Developmental Biology