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Nikon A1R-A1 Confocal Microscope System

The A1R-A1 Confocal has been discontinued and replaced by the A1R+ A1+ Confocal.


Confocal imaging advanced by Nikon to levels previously unseen.

The A1 is Nikon's powerful fully-automated confocal imaging system, capable of capturing high-quality confocal images of cells and molecular events at high speed and enhanced sensitivity. Ideal for facilities with a broad range of users, the A1 has been designed with groundbreaking new optical and electronic technology innovations to provide unprecedented system quality and flexibility.

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Categories: Confocal Microscopes

Applications: Marine Biology, Molecular Pathology, Chemical Biology, Target Identification, Biophysics, Neurobiology, Regenerative Studies, ADME Tox, Cell Signaling, Developmental Biology, Palaeontology