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DS-2M Series Digital Cameras

The DS-2M Series has been discontinued and replaced by the DS-Vi1.

Key Features

DS-2Mv Model

The DS-2Mv features a 2-megapixel CCD that can smoothly display SXGA live motion images at 15 fps (max. 30fps). This well-balanced camera head enables the smooth display of live images at high speeds and the capture of crystal-clear still images with high sensitivity and a high dynamic range. It is so versatile, in fact, that it can even be used for monitoring.

DS-2MBWc Model

The DS-2MBWc features a cooling mechanism on a monochrome CCD that boasts five times the sensitivity of the past model. Its high frame rate and 2-megapixel CCD quickly capture images of fluorescence samples in which color quickly fades, enabling clear image capture with less noise.

DS-U2 PC Control Unit

With the DS-U2 PC control unit, live images can be viewed, recorded, measured, processed, and analyzed on a PC monitor by connecting the unit via the USB port to a PC running Nikon's NIS-Elements Imaging Software.

DS-L2 Standalone Controller

The DS-2M can be fitted with a standalone control unit that includes an 8.4 inch LCD monitor. This standalone control unit can observe samples and capture images without connection to a PC.