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Nikon's premier dynamic focusing system just got better.

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Inverted research microscopes -- and their peripheral equipment -- have greatly contributed to the development and advancement of life science research throughout the years. Nikon’s Perfect Focus system has been particularly revolutionary in this area, directly addressing the challenge of focus drift, which reduces the reliability of acquired data, specifically in long-term time-lapse observations using higher magnifications and resolutions. The new Perfect Focus Systems continue to combat this issue by keeping the focus precise and making corrections on a millisecond time-scale thanks to Nikon’s proprietary optical offset method.

The new models of the third generation Perfect focus System are the TI-ND6-PFS-S Perfect Focus Unit with Motorized Nosepiece for UV-visible wavelength imaging and the TI-ND6-PFS-S Perfect Focus Unit with Motorized Nosepiece for multiphoton imaging.

The next generation PFS3 offers significant enhancements over previous models:

• Maintain focus at deeper depths • Compatible with plastic dishes and well plates
• Wider useable excitation wavelength range • Streamlined Design

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