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Nikon Microscope Accessories

Maximize your productivity with Nikon microscope accessories

Work smarter with precision microscope stages, micromanipulators and microscope illuminators from Nikon.



  • LU-N Laser Units
    LU-N Laser Units

    Compact alignment-free laser units with a revolutionary design that makes laser alignment a thing of the past.

  • PFS3
    Perfect Focus 3 (PFS3)

    Third generation dynamic focusing system optimized for UV-Visible imaging and Visible-IR Imaging for multi-photon microscopy.

  • Intensilight

    A new pre-centered mercury fiber illuminator for epi-fluorescence boasting a typical lamp lifetime of 2000 hours.

  • Agilent MLC400 Monolithic Laser Combiner
    Agilent MLC400 Monolithic Laser Combiner

    An advanced, laser-based illumination system for microscopy/cell biology.

  • Saturn 5™ Lasers
    Saturn 5™ Lasers

    Powerful IVF system from Research Instruments offering safe and effective laser ablation of the zona pellucida.

  • Integra 3 Micromanipulator
    Integra 3™ Micromanipulator

    Integrated micromanipulation, heated stage system designed for precise and intuitive control of the most precious of specimens.

  • micromanipulator

    Precise specimen micromanipulation for IVF, ICSI, biotechnology, and electrophysiology applications.


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