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Nano crystal coat technology | Nano crystal coat technology

Key Words: Chromatic aberration, multiphoton, correction collar

Definition:Nikon’s proprietary low refractive index coat for microscope objectives that eliminates internal lens reflections to result in higher transmission


Nikon’s exclusive nano crystal coat technology employs multiple layers of extra low refractive index nano particles that virtually eliminate internal lens element reflections across a wide range of wavelengths extending from the ultraviolet to the near-infrared. It is particularly effective in reducing stray light reflections and flare in high angle (large N.A.) lenses. Nano crystal coat technology is used in Nikon’s advanced objective systems including the Lambda S (λS) series objectives and high specification CFI Apo objectives, such as the CFI Apo LWD 25x.


Microscope objectives with nano crystal coat technology are ideal for near infrared applications, such as multiphoton imaging and laser tweezers, and spectral imaging and multiprobe studies, requiring high transmission rates across a broad range of wavelengths. The CFI Apo LWD 25X, developed for the Eclipse FN1 electrophysiology system, has a high N.A. (1.10), a wide field of view (22mm), a long working distance (2.0mm) making it ideal for deep image capture, and a 33° approach angle on the lens to provide easy access for micromanipulators in electrophysiology applications. An adjustable correction collar, for both non-coverglass and coverglass observations, compensates for the effects of light scattering when imaging deep into specimens.

Lambda S objectives are optimised for spectral imaging with the ability to allow confocal imaging of multi-probe specimens. Advanced optical design and improvements in performance enable the CFI Apo 40XWIλS, in particular, to correct chromatic aberration from 405nm to 850nm. CFI Plan Apo IR 60XWI corrects from the visible range to 1064nm, facilitating infrared light imaging techniques, such as multiphoton excitation and laser tweezers. In addition, CFI Apo LWD 40XWIλS features a long working distance of 0.6mm for deep image capture.


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